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Imelda Gabs, a multi-talented artist, defies categorization. With a relentless passion for exploring diverse music genres, the independent singer, pianist and producer crafts her own unique sound. 


From her mesmerizing debut at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels at the age of 14, to captivating audiences with her original compositions at the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival, Imelda Gabs fearlessly ventures into unexpected territories. 


Her debut album, SYNOPSIS, is a collection of 8 pivotal chapters from her personal journey, which includes her two singles RECKLESS and THIEVES. Each track is an original creation, produced by Imelda herself. This deeply personal and daring album showcases her sophisticated blend of Dark Pop, infused with elements of Soul, Dance, and Hip Hop.  


Prepare to embark on a sonically rich and blissful electro-acoustic journey with Imelda Gabs.

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