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Imelda Gabs Fallen Angel


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Imelda Gabs sends shivers down your spine with the hauntingly beautiful dark pop ballad ‘Fallen Angel’ [...] The official music video stunningly captures the emotions and story of the single in a dark cinematic world. - The Other Side Reviews


"Belgian singer/songwriter talks new single"

The National Post

"Finding your way again: indie-pop singer Imelda Gabs drops the outstanding solo debut Fallen Angel"

A&R Factory

"Imelda Gabs, pas de marque-page entre les chapitres de sa vie"

Le Multimédia

"Eyes on 2021: The Singer Who Is Drawing on her Congolese and Belgian Identities"

True Africa

"Belgian artist Imelda Gabs explores the boundaries of Pop Music with her new self-produced single Fallen Angel"

Red X Magazine

"Imelda Gabs, un ange déchu tombé du ciel"

20 Minutes

"Imelda Gabs mesmerizes all with her exquisite pop melodies as she performs brilliantly in her new single Fallen Angel"

Daily Music Roll

"Fallen Angel delivers an electrifying vocal performance alongside captivating instruments"

Music Crowns

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