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Imelda Gabs - Synopsis COVER.JPG


Imelda Gabs presents her debut album SYNOPSIS.

Created from her home-studio this very personal yet risk-taking piece serves as a true reflection of her brilliantly Dark Pop infused music, with touches of Soul, Dance and Hip Hop.


'SYNOPSIS' is a recollection of 8 key chapters of her musical and personal journey, 8 original and self-produced tracks, which include her two latest singles 'Reckless' and 'Thieves'




Release date: 14 April 2023


All tracks produced by Imelda Gabs

Mixed by Paul Norris (Metropolis Studios, London)

Mastered by John Davis (Metropolis Studios, London)

Cover Photography: 19Tones (Ernest Em)

Vocal Recording Engineer: Andy Platon (HanaRoad Studios)

Band Session Engineer: Stéphane Murugan

Band Session Musicians: Dimitri Cochard (bass), Damien Sigrand (drums) Antoine Lablanquie (guitar)

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